RHI Webinars

Montana’s Rural Health Initiative hosts regular webinars. Here are the upcoming events!

Upcoming Webinars: 

Nutrition for Seniors in the Senior Meal Programs Webinar Series

This will be a series of four webinars that focus on the nutrition and health needs of seniors. The webinars are intended for Program Managers and Staff of the meal programs at senior sites who plan and prepare meals for the Senior Nutrition Programs. The programs include Congregate Meals and Home Delivered Meals – better known as Meals On Wheels. Good nutrition is a very significant factor in improving and maintaining health in the later years. Proper food choices that focus on key nutrients play a major role in keeping seniors healthy and active.

Part 3- details to follow

Past Webinars: To view past webinars, please visit http://healthinfo.montana.edu/health-wellness/rhi-webinars.html