MOVE Missoula


MOVE Missoula is a long-term community based initiative led by the Missoula City-County Health Department.

The initiative uses population based strategies to improve health and wellness by increasing daily physical activity. MOVE Missoula created MOVE Minutes. MOVE Minutes explain how much physical activity adults and children need every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Missoula offers a healthy built environment to encourage residents to increase their MOVE Minutes by walking, biking, or playing. This program also offers advice on easy ways to increase MOVE Minutes each day.

MOVE Missoula works on different programs to increase the health and wellness of community members. MOVE is currently working on the Active Kids Project. This project targets children and families that demonstrate the least amount of physical activity. The program will include after school projects, focus groups with family members, and much more. MOVE also gathered baseline BMI’s for all third graders in 2007. This data will help show the success of future programs targeted at the youth.

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