Profile of the Week: Strong Women

Strong Women

The primary objective of the StrongWomen™ Program is to help communities nationwide to implement safe and  effective strength training programs for midlife and older women. Women begin to show decline in muscle mass beginning at age 30 and if this condition is not reversed, women will have reduced strength and other severe consequences as they age. Women need […]

shelby kids

Shelby Community Garden

City of Shelby and the Toole County Extension Office partnered to develop a community garden with the goal of increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables In 2006, Shelby received a $4,000 planning grant from the Montana Nutrition and Physical Activity Program to Prevent Obesity and Other Chronic Diseases (NAPA), funded by the Centers for Disease Control […]


Shape Up Shelby

“Shape up Shelby!” is the overarching initiative of Shelby’s health and wellness programs Shelby is one of many communities throughout Montana that is working hard to increase the health and wellness of their residents. Leadership has been provided by Mayor Larry Bonderud, Marias Medical Center and many others in the community. Shelby uses many techniques […]

RHI’s 2013 Rural Health Success Story Contest Winner: Toole County’s Project Activate Program

THE PROBLEM ~ Physical frailty is a leading cause of premature disability and death among older adults and it’s preventable! THE SOLUTION ~ Physical Activity can prevent physical frailty! Kay Van Norman A group of dedicated medical professionals, local government staff and interested citizens have initiated Project Activate- Toole County.  Project Activate is a community-wide […]

End of the year Kid's Marathon celebration

Shelby Elementary Noon Fitness Program

Our program offers each student in the Shelby Elementary the opportunity each day to “walk and talk” or jog for a ten minute time period.   We do this each day, by grade level, just before the students go in to eat lunch.  This program works in partnership with our Safe Routes to School Program which […]

Rural Health Success Story Contest 2012 Runner-up: Shelby Community Wellness

Shelby Community Wellness For a rural community to survive there needs to be a willingness to invest in the future; to have a problem-solving approach to issues such as health and wellness; to be financially responsible for fiscal resources; and willingness to seek help from outside the community. That is the philosophy that drives the […]

Health Fair Poster

Shelby Health Fair: October 12, 2012

Shelby, MT is hosting its annual Health Fair – October 12, 2012 7am – 2pm at the Shelby Civic Center “Follow the Trail to Good Health” to the 2012 Shelby Health Fair. The health fair is sponsored by the Toole County Health Foundation and partners with the Marias Medical Center in Shelby, Montana. It offers […]


Toole County Wellness Program & Health Fair

Toole County Health Foundation “Trails to Good Health” Toole County Wellness Program & TCHF Health Fair Toole County’s Employee Wellness Program “Trails to Good Health” The Wellness Program had over 70 participants 12 Teams were created 14 Week Walking Program; Memorial Day through Labor Day Participants tracked miles walked with pedometers Funds from RHI Incubator […]

Walk with Mayor & Sheriff 9-10

Rural Health Success Story Contest 2011 Winner: Shelby, Montana

City of Shelby, Montana “Today, more than ever, there is a need to provide opportunities for children to walk and bicycle to school safely.  Many rural communities like Shelby struggle with inadequate sidewalks and walkways; traffic congestion around schools; and for Shelby, a railway that dissects the community.   The mission of the City of […]