Diabetes Prevention Program Big Timber, MT

    Big Timber Diabetes Prevention Program(DPP) The Diabetes Prevention Program(DPP) is a lifestyle intervention program that helps participants become more active, eat healthier, and make sustainable changes. Kelsey Proue, a registered dietitian at Pioneer Medical Center, is heading a program that assists community members in a lifestyle change that offers more than just weight loss. This […]

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Sweet Grass Health and Wellness

Sweet Grass Health and Wellness is dedicated to the community, both to the health of the people who live here and to their efforts to enhance our way of life. Their mission is to strengthen community, promote well-being, and improve health.  They advance their mission by the many activities, programs, and services they provide that benefit […]


Sweet Grass Food

Started in 2008, the Big Timber Community Garden has a goal of providing nutritious and fresh produce to the community of Big Timber. Many gardeners give a portion of their harvest to the community food bank, the senior center, or sell at the farmer’s market. Program Description: What is the health and wellness or prevention […]