Profile of the Week: Strong Women

Strong Women

The primary objective of the StrongWomen™ Program is to help communities nationwide to implement safe and  effective strength training programs for midlife and older women. Women begin to show decline in muscle mass beginning at age 30 and if this condition is not reversed, women will have reduced strength and other severe consequences as they age. Women need […]

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Pondera Medical Center Memory Walk Gardens

The Pondera Medical Center partnered with the Conrad Garden Club, Conrad High School Horticulture Class, Conrad High School FFA and the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation to develop raised garden beds. PMC and its partners created Memory Walk Gardens to foster a space where young and old alike can come together to play, exercise, […]

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Pondera Medical Center Health Fair

Pondera Medical Center Health Fair Wednesday, October 30, 2013 LDS Church Pondera Medical Center in Conrad holds an Annual Health Fair. This Health Fair is designed to promote community health through screenings, education and promotion.  PMC has conducted this Annual Health Fair for at least the last 10 years and plans on continuing this Annual […]