Profile of the Week: Strong Women

Strong Women

The primary objective of the StrongWomen™ Program is to help communities nationwide to implement safe and  effective strength training programs for midlife and older women. Women begin to show decline in muscle mass beginning at age 30 and if this condition is not reversed, women will have reduced strength and other severe consequences as they age. Women need […]


Livingston Health Care Programs

  Livingston HealthCare serves and strengthens the Park County region as a healthcare provider, as the county’s largest employer, and as a community citizen. Beyond the healthcare services we provide, they offer community benefit services and programs that promote health, healing and overall well-being.   Livingston HealthCare helps to prepare your child for life and […]


Livingston Local Food Project

The Livingston Local Food Project was designed to enhance the understanding of the citizens of Livingston and Park county regarding affordable, novel food production options and the benefits of healthy eating. The Livingston Local Food Project began in April of 2012 and ran through October of 2012. Organic seeds of various vegetables including peppers, beans, […]


Livingston Community Garden

The Livingston Community Garden Project is on a 4-5 acre piece of land belonging to the City of Livingston on the northwest side of town. It is linked to what will be an experimental food producing park with a 42′ geodesic dome greenhouse where all interested citizens will be able to find out what is […]