Profile of the Week: Mineral Community Hospital Disc Golf Course

This past year the Mineral Community Hospital Foundation partnered with Superior High school to design and install a disc golf course on the hospital campus.  The goal of this project was to offer Mineral County residents a unique recreation venue to engage with family and friends.


The disc golf course project began in the spring of 2012 and was completed by the summer of 2012. The hospital foundation worked with volunteers from the P.E. class at Superior High School to develop and install the disc golf course. The students who volunteered enjoyed the opportunity to design something for their community. After the course was completed, community members enjoyed it for the rest of the summer.

One of the nine holes on the hospital campus disc golf course

Many different groups got great usage out of the course this past summer including Cub and Boy Scout troops. It served as a place where families could go and spend time together learning a new sport and enjoying the fresh air. The hospital encourages all community members to come out and get into disc golf. The hospital has other plans for the course as well. In the future they intend to use the disc golf course for fundraising events as well as hospital wellness promotion activities, like interdepartmental challenges.

High School P.E. Class

Superior High School students who helped develop and install the disc golf course

The hospital maintenance staff designed signs for each of the nine holes on the course. The signs are wooden and have the Mineral Community Hospital logo incorporated into the design. The hospital foundation plans to ask local businesses to sponsor holes and have the business’s names placed on the holes they sponsor. The funding for this project came from donations and enabled the hospital to purchase quality equipment that will last for years to come.

Contact information: Steve Carty, scarty@mchospital.net

Ready, Set, Move

Ready, Set, Move is a community health and wellness program that was initiated by Mineral Community Hospital in June of 2011. This program provides educational opportunities, community events including fun runs, walks, and outdoor activities, as well as resources to help people get fit and stay healthy.

Mineral Community Hospital supports an annual health fair. The 2013 Health Fair will be June 1 at Superior Elementary School. Many services are provided including blood draws, information on community services, and tours of Life Flight helicopters and the ambulance.


Mineral Community Hospital  hosted a series of lectures regarding Wellness. These lectures offered the chance to try newMCH Wellness Program activities that are affordable and doable  in Mineral County. Meet friends, start exercise groups, try new things! Most importantly take the first step towards a healthier life – exercise can help control high blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss, improve mood, reduce stress and much more.

The hospital hopes to provide more lectures in 2013.
Ready, Set, Move offered fitness classes in 2011.

Classes included:

  • Introduction, vitals,
  • Yoga
  • Wellness
  • How to begin and walking/running program
  • Water Aerobics
  • Preparation for hiking.
  • Core strengthening

Cost was $25.00 and participants won great prizes – water bottle, pedometer, exercise/diet journal, and registration for the first annual fitness fun day held at the end of the summer!

Please call 406-822-4278 for more information.