Profile of the Week: Montana Asthma Project Havre, MT

  The Montana Asthma Control Program is a grant funded program that focuses on the 0-17 age group to improve their quality of life.  Identifying environmental factors and asthma triggers helps with the overall management of asthma. An Asthma Control Nurse will focus on educating your child and family to help reduce office visits caused by asthma attacks. What the program […]

Profile of the Week: Strong Women

Strong Women

The primary objective of the StrongWomen™ Program is to help communities nationwide to implement safe and  effective strength training programs for midlife and older women. Women begin to show decline in muscle mass beginning at age 30 and if this condition is not reversed, women will have reduced strength and other severe consequences as they age. Women need […]


Chippewa Cree Wellness Center

In February 2006, the Chippewa Cree Wellness Center was created in conjunction with the Rocky Boy Clinic. One goal of the Chippewa Cree Wellness Center is to coordinate and create more prevention and health related activities for the entire community. The new exercise facility offers an Olympic sized swimming pool, basketball court, aerobic and fitness […]