Montana Rural Health Initiative


How we began… 

RHI sponsors

In February, 2008, Rural Health Initiative (RHI) partners convened a meeting of stakeholders including community members, academics, local government officials, health care providers, public health workers, Tribal Health Department representatives and nonprofit organizations to discuss the potential for a coordinated, collaborative approach to health and wellness in Montana. For one-and-a-half days communities and experts worked together to develop a strategy for improving health in Montana by linking community health initiatives with the expertise that exists in the state.

A principle recommendation stemming from the Rural Health Initiative stakeholder meeting in February, 2008, was to “create a network of health experts, programs, and initiatives in Montana.” This recommendation has led to the development of the RHI and this site.

Our Mission…

Our Mission is to create a dynamic network linking prevention and community-based wellness programs throughout Montana to stimulate a higher level of wellness across the state.

The RHI is managed through the Montana Office of Rural Health and Area Health Education Center (AHEC). The key components of the Initiative are:

1. A highly interactive website featuring:

2. Regular communications via a listserv and e-newsletter (click here to join)
3. Webinars and educational programs designed to improve the capacity of rural Montana health & wellness programs

Our tools…

Our tools will keep you up-to-date on health and wellness and prevention. If it’s about health, wellness, and prevention in Montana, we try to make sure you can learn about it here.

Browse Programs:
Using the side bars on the right, RHI program profiles can be filtered by topic, Healthy Eating, Active Living and Clinical & Community Preventive Services or by location.

Calendar of Events:
This calendar features upcoming health & wellness and prevention events throughout Montana.

Find Technical Assistance:
Search our member database to find experts around Montana and the whole country.

Evidence Based Resources:
A collection of evidence based information intended to show effectiveness of community based health, wellness, and prevention programs.

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